1% for the Planet

Local. We get the idea of trying and buying local products, especially fine spirits. Death’s Door Spirits was created to help drive the local economy of Washington Island by working with the families to restore agricultural by growing hard red winter wheat and harvesting juniper berries. When we started this project in 2005, we pledged that one percent of our top line revenue would be donated to clean water initiatives for the Great Lakes of the United States.

As we have grown into a global brand, we asked how we could remain true to local. In 2015, Death’s Door Spirits joined with hundreds of companies and nonprofit partners in 1% for the Planet. This allows us to localize our volunteering and giving efforts in communities around the world, from the USA to Europe and Asia.

We will continue to source and manufacture our fine spirits in Wisconsin USA and invite you to join us from your part of the world to improve water quality and alternative transportation in your local community. Learn more at 1% for the Planet