Death’s Door Spirits respects the privacy of every individual who visits our Web site, imbibes our spirits, responds to our online requests for recipes, creative input, or other information and participates in any e-mail campaigns. This Privacy Policy outlines the type of information we typically collect from our Web site, online advertisements at other Web sites and e-mail campaigns, and how we may use that information. This Policy will also inform you on what to do if you do not wish to share personal information with us. We may update this Policy from time to time, so please check it occasionally. We request your birth date before you make your passage into to verify you are of age to consume alcoholic beverages in the country you are accessing this site. We use this information to prevent minors from accessing Our Site. We ask that you surf and savor responsibly.

Voluntary Provision of Personal Information

Within our web site we may ask you for information such as your name, address, telephone number, date of birth and/or your e-mail address. Your agreement to and provision of such or any personal information is completely voluntary.When you do provide us with personal information, unless you are advised otherwise, we may use that information to improve our products, services and marketing programs; as an entry for a contest or to contact you. If you do not want information collected from our web site and online advertising at other web sites, please do not agree to the collection of information nor submit any information to us. We work to ensure that the personal information you submit to us is kept private and secure. We will not sell, rent or transfer the personal information you provide us through the Site to third parties (other than our sister, parent, subsidiary or associated companies) unless we are required to do so by law. If you wish us to remove your personal details from our marketing database at any time, please email us by clicking here.

Please be aware that any information you post on public areas of the Site (feedback forums, recipe credits, etc.) are accessible to and used by others/any web site viewers and may result in unsolicited messages or other contact. Please use your discretion in these mediums and respect the input and informational rights of others.

Violation of Access Restrictions by People under the Legal Drinking Age

We ask that if someone under the legal drinking age has obtained access to our Web Site in violation of access restrictions that we are informed immediately via email so that we may strike all personal information of the underage party from our records.

Some Non-Personal Information Is Collected Automatically

Some information may be automatically transferred to us once you connect with our web site. For example, your specific internet browser, computer operating system and domain name of web-site which linked you to our site. While viewing our web site we may store some information on your computer in the form of a "cookie" or like file. We use this information to help us recognize you on our site and better track and improve your experience. This may be used by us to collect information such as the particular site areas you visit and the activities in which you participate at our Web site. The use of cookies is an industry standard and you will find them at most Web sites. Please note that with most Internet browsers, you can erase cookies from your computer hard drive, block all cookies, or receive a warning before a cookie is stored. You should refer to your browser instructions or help screen to learn more about these functions.

This information is solely used to tailor our Web site and content to better match your preferences and interests and to improve our services, products and other marketing programs. This information is not sold, transferred or disclosed to third parties, except as already stated in this Policy, unless we have your express consent.

How to Request Removal from Communication Listing

If you have submitted personal information and opted-in to receive any communications and no longer wish to have this information sent to you please email with "Unsubscribe" in the subject line. We will work swiftly to ensure your information is removed from our lists.